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Call 909-348-2556 to speak with a licensed insurance agent.

Seven Tips for Aging Gracefully

Posted by Mansat Insurance Services, January 13, 2017

Getting older: It’s the one thing none of us want to do, that we all will do. For each year that passes, we undergo more changes, both mentally and physically. But aging doesn’t necessarily have to be all that bad! There are many ways to slow the process, and age gracefully. Follow these seven tips, and you can enjoy more of your retirement years to their fullest.

Stay physically active. Regular exercise boosts brain activity, increases bone density, prevents weight gain, and simply puts you in a better mood. Of course, you should engage in activities that are safe for you, so discuss your plans with your doctor.

Eat a healthy diet. Diet is the number one way to prevent many diseases, so remember those fruits and veggies. Avoid processed sugar, too. Aside from weight gain, sugar is associated with mood swings, memory problems, and fatigue.

Take your medications. It’s a common trap to think, “I’m feeling fine, so I don’t need this medication”. But keep in mind that your doctor wouldn’t prescribe it, if you didn’t need it. And of course, some people just plain forget a dose here and there. If that sounds familiar, set an alarm and use a pill organizer to ensure that you’re taking all prescribed dosages on time, every day.

Get enough sleep. Sleep is just as important now, as it ever has been. Invest in a quality mattress and pillow, and get some room darkening shades or a white noise machine if needed. If you’re experiencing insomnia despite taking the right measures to promote healthy sleep, talk to your doctor.

Cut the bad habits. A little red wine here and there can be good for most of us (talk to your doctor first, though). But over-indulging in alcohol, smoking, or eating a lot of junk food can take years off your health and life.

Get out there, and get social. Social interactions will prevent boredom, keep you active, and help you ward off depression. We all need social support to stay mentally and physically healthy, so stay active within your favorite community groups, church, bridge club, or any other activities you enjoy.

Attend all checkups with your doctor. Many health problems are much easier to treat, or even reverse, if you catch them early. Attend annual checkups with your doctor, or more often if recommended, and undergo all routine disease screenings.

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