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Call 909-348-2556 to speak with a licensed insurance agent.

10 Essential Health Tips after Age 50

Posted by Mansat Insurance Services, June 2, 2017

As your parents and grandparents grew older, you probably watched them develop many age-related health conditions. So it’s no wonder that you might feel a bit of trepidation about growing older yourself!

Consider this: The Baby Boomer generation created an enormous amount of change in society. As our collective attention has turned to health issues, many of you are discovering that getting older doesn’t much resemble the experiences of previous generations! That’s because we have all learned lifestyle behaviors that can lead to improved health and more graceful aging.

Just in case you’ve missed something, here’s a reminder of ten things you can do to promote better health as you grow older.

Manage your stress. What works for your friend, sibling, partner or neighbor might not necessarily work for you. The point is to find something that does.

Maintain a healthy weight. We all come in different sizes, but carrying excess weight is linked to many different problems such as heart disease and diabetes. Talk to your doctor about the recommended body weight for your height, body size, and age.

Stay active. Aside from helping you maintain your weight, activity promotes cardiovascular health, improves your mood, and helps you sleep better.

Quit smoking. You know that smoking increases your risk for lung cancer, but it can also lead to stroke and heart failure.

Eat a healthy diet. A healthy diet isn’t all about weight loss. Consuming the right amounts of certain nutrients help you to fight disease and age more comfortably.

Watch out for falls. We’re more vulnerable to broken bones as we get older. So, remove tripping hazards from your home, be extra careful about slippery ice in the winter, and wear comfortable, supportive shoes year-round.

Attend preventive health screenings. Most health problems are more easily treated when you catch them early, so follow your doctor’s advice about preventive care.

Take care of your skin. Watch out for excessive exposure to the sun.

Go for regular dental, hearing, and vision checkups. We develop dental problems more easily as we age, but they are largely preventable. Hearing and vision problems can be corrected when caught early.

Take care of your romantic partnership. Consult with your doctor or a licensed therapist if you experience problems relating to sex or emotional intimacy. A supportive, loving relationship can prevent loneliness, reduce stress, and even promote better health.

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