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Call 909-348-2556 to speak with a licensed insurance agent.

8 Ways Retirees Can Save Money

Posted by Mansat Insurance Services, February 1, 2017

For years, retirement planning revolved around saving a specific amount of money before you stopped working. Once you you’ve retired, however, your focus will shift to making that money last as long as possible. Smart budgeting will go a long way toward that goal, but did you also know that retirees can access many special savings opportunities? The following opportunities can help you enjoy your retirement without over-shooting your budget.

Culture. Most of the time, retirees can access discounts on tickets to operas, symphonies, ballets and more. Plus, almost every museum in the country offers free or discounted admission to people age 65 or older (sometimes the age threshold is lower than that).

National Parks. Those aged 62 and over can purchase a lifetime pass to all National Parks, for only 10 dollars. No matter where you travel, there will be a fun recreational opportunity nearby.

Plane tickets. You will be able to access discounted plane tickets, but often these deals will be subject to certain travel dates or flight times. Still, that’s often not a problem for retirees who don’t have to worry about work and school schedules. Just remember to stay flexible with your travel plans, and you can get a great deal.

Utilities. Your phone or cable company might offer a discount for AARP members, but often these discounts aren’t advertised. Call your utility companies and ask if they have a special deal for retirees.

Public transportation. If you live in an areas with a mass transit system, such as a bus, train, or subway, you might be able to purchase a discount pass for retirees. The discount is worth as much as 50 percent in larger cities, and you might even get free transit in some locations. Remember this tip when you travel, too.

College classes. A college class can be a great way to get out, socialize, and learn something new. With many states offering reduced or free classes to retirees, it’s worth the time it takes to investigate!

Shopping. Many stores offer discounts for people of a certain age. Your grocery store might even offer a 5 to 10 percent discount, so be sure to ask if your favorite one has a “senior day”.

AARP memberships. If the above categories didn’t cover everything you need, look into an AARP membership. Your member card could unlock discounts on everything from hotel stays to car rental fees to auto insurance premiums.

When in doubt, ask! You never know if a particular store or service offers a discount for retirees, unless you shop around. Spend a bit of time investigating your options, and you might spend a bit less money.

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